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Soil Fertility Status of the Selected Site

Available Nutrient Status

Fertilizer Recommendation
Enter Area in Hectares
Type of fertilizer Quantity of fertilizer ()
Pre-monsoon Post-monsoon
Rock phosphate
Magnesium Sulphate
Zinc Sulphate g/plant, only once during immature phase.
If the slope is more than 20%, additional dose of 25 g/plant may be applied after two years.

Borax g/plant, once during immature phase.
Micronutrient fertilizers () are recommended in small quantities and for uniform distribution, can be mixed with farm yard manure or top soil before applying in the field. Micronutrients can be applied in the plant basin for young plants.
Micronutrient fertilizers are to be applied two weeks after the application of NPK fertilizers and there should be sufficient moisture in the soil at the time of application.
In areas with soil pH less than 5.0 (extremely acidic or very strongly acidic soil) and with low available calcium status, it is highly desirable, if not essential to apply burnt powdered shell lime (Neettukakka) @ 250g /plant or dolomite @ 500g/ plant in the planting pit 2-3 weeks before planting, and this should be thoroughly mixed with soil. Planting should be done after the receipt of a few showers.
If lime was not applied before planting, it can be applied in the plant basin 2-3 weeks before the first fertilizer application, when there is sufficient moisture in the soil.
Adequate soil and water conservation practices like ground cover, contour planting, bunds (Edakkayalas), silt pits, etc. should be adopted for conserving the nutrient rich surface soil.